Welcome to Dad’s Slides

Welcome to Dad’s Slides. The purpose of this site is to present and preserve the family photos that John Andrew Frank, Jr. took with his trusty Kodak Pony 135 camera during his short lifetime. Most of the pictures contained herein focus on Danny, Johnny (me), Mom and even some of Dad himself.

All of the slides that I’ve scanned are included in photo gallery pages that can be accessed from the right sidebar menu. They are grouped together with the slides that were in that particular box, which typically contained around twenty photographs. As is evident, Dad religiously brought out the camera at Christmas and during our summer vacation. The photographs will usually be associated with the year in which they were taken. Dad was born in 1923, Mom in 1926, me in 1954 and Danny in 1955; so if your math skills are up to snuff you can determine our approximate age at the time of the photograph.

As the site develops, I may feature some individual slides and include them in a separate post along with some verbiage. I will also enhance photos that are repairable and interesting since I realize that many of the photos are of a relatively poor quality, either from a technical or artistic perspective. And although Kodachrome is known for its archival quality, it appears that age may be taking its toll on a great many of them as evidenced by the black speckles (it is not dust on the scanner).

Currently, the photo menu is grouped as:

  • Early Slides: These are just a bunch of loose slides that are not grouped together. The few that I have looked at had our ages in terms of years and months, so I am assuming that these are our baby pictures. These are not yet published but are high on my ‘to do’ list.
  • Christmas Slides: This is a fairly obvious set of slides characterized by the menu name. They were mostly all shot indoors with the flash attachment that held individual blue, plastic coated flash bulbs. It was quite a rig and I remember it well.
  • Vacation Slides: Typically we went away for a week in August. We spent a couple of years at the same bungalow in Ocean City, NJ (109 North Street) and also a year or two in the Wildwood/Cape May area. The exception to the shore occurred in 1961 when we went to the Poconos and stayed near Saylor’s Lake.
  • Miscellaneous Slides: These are just a couple of boxes of slides that I could not catalog anywhere else.

I will include any additional material as it becomes available. I think that Danny may have Mom and Dad’s wedding album, and of course I will include that when it becomes available.

Each of the galleries will default to an image browser page where you can click on a picture to enlarge it and use the navigation arrows to bring up the rest of the photos. To exit this mode, simply click inside any image. I’ve also included the option to display a slideshow and the link for that can be found just above the thumbnail images. I personally don’t like this option, but decided to include it in case anyone wants to eat a hoagie while viewing the images.

So thanks for stopping by and sharing the memories of our youth. Dad died way too early and when he was gone the photographs also ceased.