The Frank Side of the Family Tree

The Frank side of the Frank-Munzer Family Tree is rooted with my grandparents John Andrew Frank and Mary Madeline Bloh. Any additional information on their parents or siblings will also be presented. Please view the Frank-Munzer Family Tree for the complete lineage chart.

Please note the distinction between my Dad, who is John Andrew Frank, Jr., and my grandfather. I will sometimes refer to Benjamin Frank, my grandfather’s brother, as great-uncle Ben. Also, his son Joseph L. Frank, who is technically my second cousin once removed, will be referred to as ‘Uncle’ Joe since this was how he was known to me. Madeline Frank was my father’s sister and she married Russell Kantner. She was and always will be Aunt Gig to us. The Kantners had two sons, Russy and Johnny, who were obviously our cousins. John Kantner was often referred to as Johnny A. to differentiate him from me, although I was sometimes called Johnny B. Continue reading “The Frank Side of the Family Tree”

The Munzer Side of the Family Tree

The Munzer side of the Frank-Munzer Family Tree will be rooted with my grandparents William Ferdinand Munzer and Mary D. Trieb. I am also including any additional information regarding their parents and siblings. Please refer to the Frank-Munzer Family Tree for the actual ancestral chart.

Instead of providing a narrative in paragraph format, I have decided to simply present the information (both direct and implied) in a summarized bullet list. I will also include any pertinent information that I can recall. Any available documentation will be included as source information.

The Source Information will be the original documentation that I was able to find on They will be labeled as Exhibits to satisfy the lawyers in the family. To make it easier to locate our ancestors on the raw U.S. Census data sheets, I have added a pink circle which I thought was rather clever since this is Mom’s side of the family. These exhibits will be chronologically ordered. Continue reading “The Munzer Side of the Family Tree”

The Frank-Munzer Family Tree


With no intent on being egotistical, the Frank-Munzer Family Tree is centered around me (John B. Frank) since it needed a reference point from which to build. Naturally my brother, Daniel W. Frank, will have the same ancestors and our family trees will only diverge and follow different branches for subsequent generations. I am considering our grandparents as the root of the tree although I started to uncover preceding generations above them. However, my prime purpose was to piece together the names of the relatives that I was familiar with as a child and to fill in the missing tree members as I went along. At this time I would like to thank little Donna (Donna Berrodin, my niece) for giving me the inspiration to do the research that led to the development of the Frank-Munzer Family Tree by asking some questions about our ancestors that left questions in my own mind. Continue reading “The Frank-Munzer Family Tree”