An Improved Photo

Donna B had wished that one of the photos in the Vacation 1963 series wasn’t so blurry. I completely agreed and I thought the same thing when I was first looked at this picture after I originally scanned it from the slide.

The picture was taken in August of 1963 when we stayed at 109 North Street in Ocean City, NJ. We stayed at this bungalow a few times and the owners welcomed us back because we (mostly Mom) did a good job of cleaning up after our week long stay. Some of the best memories of my childhood are from these vacations in Ocean City.

This is the original from the scan (although at a lower resolution that does not affect its sharpness) that is included in the gallery:

I did some sharpening in Photoshop and adjusted the brightness a little and tried to remove some of the shadows from the faces, and this is the cleaned up version:

It seems to my eyes that this is a definite improvement over the original scan, but it is far from ideal and probably never will be unless the software to clean this stuff up gets better or maybe a Photoshop pro could do something better with it. It is currently sized for a 4 x 6 print and I think that at this size it would print out fine. However, if it were enlarged too much it would start to look ‘harsh’ due to the sharpening that was done on it. So if you send your digital files over to WalMart or CVS Photo, download a high resolution of the photo from the following link (it is a zip file) and send it in with your next batch of prints: vacation_63_008

Almost ready to launch

It’s late and I’ve been working on for the past week. Most of that time has been spent on scanning in the Christmas and vacation slides, along with a few boxes of odds-n-ends. I finished uploading the bulk of the pictures a little while ago and have just been working on the backend stuff. But…I think that I have enough here to keeps whoever happens to stumble by entertained mildly interested for a little while.

However, I’d like to give Danny the first crack at viewing these pictures since, besides me, he has the most personal interest in all of this stuff and for all I know may be the only other person that even cares. In any event, I guess the site is now open but I’ve still got some work to do. This probably doesn’t mean much to anybody, but I feel good about what I’ve done. Good night.