High School Daze

Mom kept a couple of the pictures from our high school years. The few that I’ve found so far are formal pictures. The first two are Danny and me and they appear to be yearbook photos, and that is something that I don’t have in my possession since my HS yearbook was ruined when I got water in basement when I lived on Magee Avenue. We both attended Northeast Catholic High School (NECHS) and Danny graduated in 1973 while I was a 1972 graduate. On a side note, when Mom and Dad were looking for a house Dad like “O” Street because he could walk to the Erie-Torresdale el stop of the PTC (now SEPTA) and we could walk to Holy Innocents (grammar school) and NECHS.

So here are the yearbook photos, with Danny on the left and me on the right:

…and following is a photo from 1971 of me and Toni Swallow at my Junior prom:

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