Make a Special Request

It occurred to me that when you are viewing the photo galleries there may be a particular photo that you would like to have a made into a print. The twofold problem with right-clicking and saving an image from the gallery is that the photos are in a low resolution and are pretty raw (either need to be enhanced or cropped). An example of what can be done is provided in this post. So, if you would like to make a special request, the key is that it must truly be special. By that I mean that it must be a photograph that you just wished looked better and fully intend to have a print made of it for a keepsake.

In order to make a special request, please add a comment to this post and include the gallery name, the photo number found underneath the image and a short description of the photo to ensure that I process the correct one. It would also be beneficial to let me know if you intend to make an enlargement out of the photo (5 x 7, 8 x 10, etc.) so that I can crop it properly. Otherwise, I will probably to a standard 4 x 6 snapshot crop. I will point out here that there are some photos that simply cannot be ‘saved’ and some that will suffer from enlargement.

Once I’ve processed the image I will publish a new post with it and include a download link. I make no guarantees on the turnaround time, but I will usually get to it in short order. I will also use my own artistic license in processing the photo and would appreciate that I not be micromanaged in this phase. I guess that is why I am not calling this an extra-special request.

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