Ride ’em Cowboy

Since our neighborhood had a lot of young children, the entrepreneurs that had goods or services that catered to this age group made routine swings through the area. Examples of this were the Mr. Softee ice cream truck, Corkey the water ice vendor and the amusement rides like the Whip that were loaded on the bed of a truck. But parents, especially moms, were suckers for pictures of their offspring. And the guy that had the best racket going in this area was the photographer that not only took the kids’ pictures, but dressed them up like junior cowboys and posed them on a pony.

So I guess that Mom just could not resist the idea of getting a couple of pictures of her junior cowpokes decked out in Western duds atop a valiant steed. So below you’ll see Johnny Gringo on the left and Danny Oakley on the right. Yee-hah!


Johnny Gringo & Danny Oakley



2 thoughts on “Ride ’em Cowboy”

  1. I’m cracking up thinking about someone going around asking parents to let him take pictures of their kids. How fast would he be reported as a pedophile?! Times have changed. =D

    1. Ma’am, back in the day things were pretty safe for us little wranglers. Though, if we thought that there might be any trouble a brewin’ we’d be packin’ our six-shooters.

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