These are just some odds-n-ends photographs that were in a small box of pictures that Mom had saved. I did not know where else to put them since they are so random so I just placed them here.

This first picture is me and Dad. We were living in West Philadelphia at the time (I wish I know where). For some reason I think that we may have lived near Cobbs Creek Park and maybe that is where this photo was taken. But then again, maybe not. I would guess that the picture is from 1955 or 1956.

The following is a picture of Mom and Danny that was taken in 1961. I’d guess that we probably took a day trip to Ocean City since we spent our vacation at Saylor’s Lake in the Poconos that year. I kind of remember that we had a Kodak Brownie camera and maybe that is what was used to shoot this image.

This shot of Dad was taken with a Polaroid camera, and since I got one at Christmas in 1967 we can assume that it is from 1968 or 1969. I would guess that it might be from the fish hatchery up around State Road and Linden Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia since we went up there a couple of times to both try our hands at fishing in the cement ponds (children only) or watch the boats being launched into the Delaware River.

And finally, we come to our shot of Sleeping Beauty:

I actually remember scrambling to find something with which to make the marquee. Danny had a habit of falling asleep on the sofa and snoring LOUDLY! The best way to get him to stop was to toss a pillow at him

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