Some Historical Munzer Information

William Munzer and his wife (I never knew her name) were my Mom’s parents. Henceforth, I will refer to them and Grandpop or Grandmom Munzer. It is my understanding that they immigrated from Germany and I am assuming that there children were all born in the United States. As best that I know, the children’s names were Immaculata (Aunt Lat and perhaps the oldest), Frank, Joe, Paul, Helen and Rosemary (my Mom and the youngest). There was also another son that died when he was a youth and I do not know his name. I am only aware of him because when we lived on “O” Street there was an oil painting stored in the basement and when I asked Mom who it was that is what she told me. Click the thumbnail to open the full picture and then use your browser’s back button to return to this page.


I am aware that Grandpop Munzer owned a hardware store and it is pictured on the left. It was located at 4313 Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia which is approximately one mile WNW of the Philadelphia Zoo. I would assume that they lived in this area. The hardware store is pictured to the immediate left and it is a photocopy of the original image. It was probably passed on to Mom from Aunt Lat. This picture probably dates back to the late 1920s since I was told the business went under due to The Great Depression.




This photo shows a picture of a business named Wm. F. Munzer & Sons Home Improvements. It appears to be a service oriented company and I would speculate that this developed after the failed hardware store. Pictured in the photo are Grandpop Munzer, Frank and Joe (the small child). I would guess, based on the image, that the shop is located on the ground floor of their house.





To the immediate left is a snapshot that Mom had and it shows Grandpop Munzer with our young family. It is dated around March of 1956 so I am a little less than two and Danny is probably around 8 months. I would imagine that this was shot when we lived in West Philadelphia and this is probably near the end of Grandpop’s life.





The photo here is a picture of Mom and Grandmom Munzer and to date is the only picture that I’ve seen of her. It has a notation that it is from Rosie’s 8th grade graduation (Aunt Lat used to call Mom Rosie) so I would date it around June of 1936 when Mom was almost fourteen.





And finally on this page, to the left, is a picture of Aunt Lat. She was a nun and belonged to the Sisters of Christian Charity. She was the only consistent contact that we had with the Munzer clan when we were growing up and I think that the nuns were allowed two family visits per year. At first she would stay at a convent on Allegheny Avenue, but after Dad died she would stay at our house during her visits. Aunt Lat was a great person and I loved talking to her and hearing stories about the Munzer family and the earlier times. She had a great love for Daddy, Danny, me and, of course, her dearest Rosie.



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  1. First, I had no idea Aunt Lat’s full name was Immaculata! Prior to our emails, I imagined it was spelled “Lot”. I thought her name was Madeline. Maybe Immaculata was the name she chose when she became a nun?

    Second, I love that family photo of you guys. It has confirmed my suspicion that you look more like your dad, and my dad looks more like your mom. Actually, you’re sort of a nice blend of your parents, but my dad definitely looks more like mom-mom.

    I can’t believe there’s only one picture of your grandmom. I wish there were more… I’d love to see what she looked like. Though, she must have been short, since your mom was taller than her as a young teen. I guess your grandpop was tall. Wasn’t mom-mom about 5’7″?

    Great post. Thanks!

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