The Frank-Munzer Family Tree


With no intent on being egotistical, the Frank-Munzer Family Tree is centered around me (John B. Frank) since it needed a reference point from which to build. Naturally my brother, Daniel W. Frank, will have the same ancestors and our family trees will only diverge and follow different branches for subsequent generations. I am considering our grandparents as the root of the tree although I started to uncover preceding generations above them. However, my prime purpose was to piece together the names of the relatives that I was familiar with as a child and to fill in the missing tree members as I went along. At this time I would like to thank little Donna (Donna Berrodin, my niece) for giving me the inspiration to do the research that led to the development of the Frank-Munzer Family Tree by asking some questions about our ancestors that left questions in my own mind.


Most of the information used to generate this genealogical tree was obtained from I simply signed up for their 14 day free trial and started to do the research to grow the tree. has a wealth of historical records and the development of this family tree relied heavily on the U.S. Census records that they have available. The caveat to this is that the census records are not released by the government until seventy-two years after the actual census is taken. That left several holes in my research for the younger generations, particularly on the Frank side of the tree, and I gratefully acknowledge the work of Joseph C. Bloh and the development of his information on the Carl Bloh and John Mc Ginley Families of Philadelphia. In addition to the census records found on, the birth, christening, death, military and immigration records were also used from that site.

The Frank-Munzer Family Tree

branch symbol

To the immediate left is the icon used to symbolize a female in the chart. A male will obviously have a blue background and a masculine silhouette. In the family tree the name, birth and death years (if known) will be displayed below the profile. This particular icon has two small boxes attached to the upper left hand side of the graphic. On the interactive ancestral charts found on this would open up a branch for that particular lineage. This occurs when a new family is introduced from the marriage of someone outside of the genealogical bloodlines of the original members. The family chart that I am presenting on this site is static in nature and was obtained by a screen capture of the generated family tree on However, I have also provided (in addition to the main tree) two of the offshoot branches that I deem noteworthy (as detailed below).

frank munzer family tree

Clicking the thumbnail image on the left will bring up the full Frank-Munzer Family Tree. Be advised that it is quite large and should fill the width of your display. If you do not find the text readable at that point, you should be able to magnify it to its original size by clicking the image. Once enlarged you can navigate the image by sliding the chart with your browser window’s scroll bars.

Currently, I am simply presenting the chart graphics and am not providing any additional narrative regarding the Frank and Munzer sides of the family. I will be doing that in the coming days and will present some supplemental information and personal impressions in individual posts for each side of the family.

Also, as stated previously, this is just a graphic and is static in nature. The most readily accessible way to obtain some of the detailed information about the people presented in the chart is to hop on over to the Frank-Munzer Family Tree Data Page.

ben frank - helen bloh and kantner branches

This thumbnail will open the Ben Frank-Helen Bloh branch and the Russell Kantner-Madeline Frank branch of the tree. These portions of the chart are being expanded here because they were and still are parts of my life, as infrequent as they may be. The Ben Frank-Helen Bloh leg presents both ‘Uncle’ Joe and Chickie. Ben Frank was my grandfather’s brother and he died exactly one year before I was born. As a tribute to him, my parents gave me the middle name of Benjamin. I was very indifferent to that name in my youth, but as I got older I grew to kinda like it.

The Kantner branch details our Aunt Gig, Uncle Russ and cousins Russy and Johnny A., with whom we spent a major part of our childhood until Dad’s death. I also wanted to display Zachary and Elizabeth since they are on the same generational level of my nephew and niece, Danny and Donna.

Additional Information

In the link above I provided some more detailed information behind the faces portrayed in our ancestral lines. However, I can supply two additional sources of data to anyone that requests them. The first is the GEDCOM file that is the basis of information for the Frank-Munzer Family Tree graphic. It is a standard data set used in genealogical research and can be used as a starting point for any present or future family members that wish to develop their own lineage charts. GEDCOM data files can be imported into most family tree software packages and sites. More information on this topic can be found on the GEDCOM Wiki Page. Also, I can send out an ‘invitation’ for others to view the Frank-Munzer family tree in its interactive format on If you are a family member and would like to explore either of these two options, drop me a note via the contact form or just send me an email.

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