The Munzer Side of the Family Tree

The Munzer side of the Frank-Munzer Family Tree will be rooted with my grandparents William Ferdinand Munzer and Mary D. Trieb. I am also including any additional information regarding their parents and siblings. Please refer to the Frank-Munzer Family Tree for the actual ancestral chart.

Instead of providing a narrative in paragraph format, I have decided to simply present the information (both direct and implied) in a summarized bullet list. I will also include any pertinent information that I can recall. Any available documentation will be included as source information.

The Source Information will be the original documentation that I was able to find on They will be labeled as Exhibits to satisfy the lawyers in the family. To make it easier to locate our ancestors on the raw U.S. Census data sheets, I have added a pink circle which I thought was rather clever since this is Mom’s side of the family. These exhibits will be chronologically ordered.

Observations and Impressions

  •  Mary D. Trieb’s parents (Joseph and Barbara Trieb (nee Siebert)) emigrated from Germany in 1872.
  • Joseph Trieb’s occupation is listed as shoemaker (Exhibits 1 and 2) and the family lived at 4212 Lancaster Avenue.
  • The 1880 Census indicates that Barbara Trieb’s mother (K. Siebert) lived with the Trieb couple as well as their son Anthony (exhibit 1). Mary D. Trieb (our grandmother) was born the year of this census, but not until after it was taken.
  • William Ferdinand Munzer emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1982, although there are several references that I believe erroneously indicate an earlier date.
  • There is no U.S. Census data for the 1890 year. I have read that 25% of it was destroyed in a fire, 50% of it was ruined by water and smoke damage and the remainder was just discarded.
  • William F. Munzer became a naturalized citizen in 1895 (Exhibit 3) while living at 408 N. 41st Street.
  • William F. Munzer and Mary D. Trieb were married in 1900 in Philadelphia and were living in Barbara Trieb’s house at 853 46th Street (Exhibit 4). Joseph Trieb has apparently died at this point in time.
  • The Philadelphia 1903 business directory lists Wm. F. Munzer as a painter under the PAI heading and living at the 46th Street address (Exhibit 5).
  • The 1910 Census lists Mary J. and William as the children of William and Mary Munzer (Exhibit 6).
  • William F. Munzer registered for the WWI draft in 1918 (Exhibit 7).
  • The 1920 Census (Exhibit 8) lists the Munzer parents (William F. and Mary) and the mother-in-law (Barbara Trieb). It also lists the children as Mary J. (Aunt Lat), Joseph L, Paul and Francis. It no longer indicates that William is a household member and it is inferred that he died by 12 years of age. Their address is noted as 4313 Lancaster Avenue.
  • The 1930 Census (Exhibit 9) lists the living family members, except Mary J. and Helen, living at 4313 Lancaster Avenue. Barbara Trieb is still living with her daughter and son-in-law. Rose M. (Rose Mary) was born in 1926 and is included in the census for the first time.
  • Mary Munzer is now living at Saint Mary’s Convent in Scranton during the 1930 Census (Exhibit 10). At this point she is approximately 25 years old and it is not known whether she is now a nun or still a novice or postulate.  An interesting notation indicates that the convent is owned by the German Catholic Church.
  • Helen Munzer is listed as a patient during the 1930 Census (Exhibit 11) at a residence named the ‘Philadelphia Institution for the Feeble Minded’ (Byberry). It can be assumed that she was institutionalized as a young child before the age of 7.
  • A fictitious name was established in Pennsylvania on 12 September 1938 for ‘Wm. F. Munzer & Sons’. This would have been his painting and wallpapering service company and somewhat dates the second photo on this page.
  • Helen Munzer is listed as a patient at the ‘Philadelphia State Hospital’ (Byberry) during the 1940 Census (Exhibit 12). Unfortunately, she remained institutionalized until her death in 1998 in Spring City, PA (probably Pennhurst).
  • There is no 1940 Census information for the Munzer family. I was able to locate the original data sheet but a few of the  houses on Lancaster Avenue were passed over for some unknown reason.

Source Information

Exhibit 1


 1880 U.S. Census listing the Trieb family members




Exhibit 2


 1885 phone directory listing Joseph Trieb as a shoemaker




Exhibit 3


 1896 William F. Munzer U.S. naturalization certificate




Exhibit 4


 1900 Trieb/Munzer household from the U.S. Census




Exhibit 5


1903 business directory listing for William F. Munzer




Exhibit 6


 1910 U.S. Census data sheet for the Munzer family




Exhibit 7


WW I Draft Registration for William Ferdinand Munzer




Exhibit 8


 1920 U.S. Census data for the Munzer family




Exhibit 9


 1930 U.S. Census data for the Munzer family




Exhibit 10


 1930 U.S. Census for Saint Mary’s Convent in Scranton, PA listing Mary Munzer (Aunt Lat)




Exhibit 11


 1930 U.S. Census information for Helen Munzer




Exhibit 12


 1940 U.S. Census information for Helen Munzer






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